RAM Disk 2017 My memo

How to and Download
This link can download the 4g RAM Version.Currently, official site just offer 1G version.

My personal use settings

1.Accelerating the speed of Visual Studio compiler - Changing temp folder path

VisualStudio and IIS machine.config location as below:

If your used IIS express

Opening the machine.config find<System.Web> scope then add as below
   <compilation   tempDirectory="R:\Temporary ASP.NET Files\"/>

ps: The difference is the first executed web page after compiled.

2.Accelerating the speed of the software while initializing - Modify the default temp variable.
Original location:%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Temp

Putting the temp path to the another where ramdisk located.
After this setting was finished when a software being opened you will feel like more faster.

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