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Jenkins Remote Build

 My colleague asked a request whether trigger a job from other application.Finding the answer from google that Jenkins has the solution to do this.Which can use Http API to trigger a job. How To 1.Enabled Global Security If the option was not enabled that the remote trigger build cannot be bound in the second step. http://localhost:8080/configureSecurity/

VS2017 Unable to copy file roslyn

The colleague report a strange error about build process that "Unable to copy file" This error cannot show on my computer.I checked the versions both of my and the colleague. 26430.13 -->My 26430.1 5   -->colleague My computer shows the same error while the upgrade to the same version.

Jenkins -TFS Get ChangeSet Number

   The new request for CI Deploy.Which needs to get changeset number for after process.At first, I thought the only way is executing window batch command. tf changeset /latest /noprompt After referencing the help of TFS plugin that I just know it will get the variable of the TFS after a checkout.As below photo.