Jenkins-Parameterized Build Sub-flow

Our CI Server has a set of jobs as below:

In the daily build job, Once "01-Web" being finished then will trigger "02-Database" and "03-WebTest"

After "01-Web", we want to control the other two jobs whether to be built.
  • 01-Web --> 02-Database -->03-WebTest (default)
  • 01-Web --> 02-Database
  • 01-Web --> 03-WebTest
  • 01-Web

How to
1.Parameterized Build-add parameter "SubBuid"

2.Add build setting - Condional step :Database,Test

  1. $(ENV,var="SubBuild") getting parameter value to compare
  2. If the value was being matched that will trigger the other jobs.For this example that matched "Database" and "Test" two jobs.
3.Add build setting - Condional step :Database

4.Add build setting - Condional step :Test

5.Testing build
When you pressing build button which will show the options let you choose what flow you want to build.

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