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SQL Wave Char

Today, My colleague asked me a question that Entity Framework will generate SQL and has ESCAPE '~' at the end of the SQL. SELECT * FROM T WHERE Title LIKE 'foo%'  ESCAPE '~' After the survey, some of the article that the only things we knew it is ESCAPE are used to query the data has  Universal characters.There are no articles about "~".Through some of the testing, we found it represented all of the Universal characters.Which means you may be used ESCAPE '%_[^' to query has the data include it then you can just use ESCAPE '~' to replace it. SELECT * FROM T WHERE Title LIKE 'foo%'  ESCAPE '%_[]^' equal SELECT * FROM T WHERE Title LIKE 'foo%'  ESCAPE '~'

Jenkins-Parameterized Build Sub-flow

Our CI Server has a set of jobs as below: In the daily build job, Once "01-Web" being finished then will trigger "02-Database" and "03-WebTest" Requirement After "01-Web", we want to control the other two jobs whether to be built. 01-Web --> 02-Database -->03-WebTest (default) 01-Web --> 02-Database 01-Web --> 03-WebTest 01-Web