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Jenkins - Passing parameter to downstream job

Preface There is a testing job which if being triggered by upstream job then will delay about 30 seconds but manually is not need. Workground 1.The upstream job use plugin "Trigger parameterized build on other projects" In this example, I naming a boolean parameter which is "WAITING"

RAM Disk 2017 My memo

How to and Download This link can download the 4g RAM Version.Currently, official site just offer 1G version. My personal use settings 1.Accelerating the speed of Visual Studio compiler - Changing temp folder path VisualStudio and IIS machine.config location as below: C:\Windows\ Microsoft.NET \Framework64\v4.0.30319\Config If your used IIS express C:\Windows\ Microsoft.NET \Framework\v4.0.30319\Config Opening the machine.config find<System.Web> scope then add as below    <compilation   tempDirectory="R:\Temporary   ASP.NET   Files\"/> ps: The difference is the first executed web page after compiled.

Stopping TypeScript Compile to accelerate debugging

    Due to our project architecture that consists of much of typescript file. Every model or service or controller even a dto that there is an individual file each of them.Total files are 1000 files.     There are too many files in the project so that every time compiler needs waste much time to compile typescript.Today, I count the time is about 30 seconds.   Basically, It will output js file when press saves button but when you execute compiled it will output again and along with all typescript.I don't want to compile all of the typescripts at this situation.Therefore, I found a way to disabled typescript compiled