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Host file and IIS binding not working

Problem   Today, I'd like to simulate a DNS at my local site but I got some weird error. ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

Trigger Jenkins from VSTS

For work requirement.Our daily build job needs to build immediately when the code was check-in. How To 1.Jenkins Job Select the Trigger option ps: If the option cannot found which means that you didn't installed the plugin.   Team Foundation Server Plug-in 2.VSTS Add Jenkins of Service Hook 3.Setting the project watched and trigger condition 4.Setting Jenkins Infomation The root URL of Jenkins. Login username and password. Choosing job which needs to build。 Reference

Unable to launch the IIS Express Web server

   After I finished my program that I tested it with press F5 and I got the error which is "Unable to launch the IIS Express Web server".In the past, My workaround is to restart Visual Studio if which is not working then I will restart the computer so that it can be work.     Every time I got this error that was affected my productivity.According to that, I decided to find the permanent solution to do that.

Jenkins-PowerShell set fail while exception occurred.

  When upgraded Jenkins Power Shell Plug in 1.3 version.Due to it runs Non-Interactive.Therefore, it always reports success no matter some exception occurred. When an exception occurred that to be considered as a failure, you have to add some check condition as below.

IIS multiple sites use same source

  Due to the business requirement that our site need split 2 sites and 2 database.Therefore, We need to deploy 2 difference folder for sites that are different at the connection string of web.confg.   At the moment, We just have 2 sites so the deployment jobs are simple.But as time goes it will be increased much of sites some day.By the time, Our deploy job and debug time will be more and difficulty. Solution    Putting multiple sites point to the same location.This way is not used the connection string of web.config at its folder but used IIS directly.As below.

Jenkins Remote Build - 2

Continuing previous article " Jenkins Remote Build ".That mention the job can be triggered from URL directly.Under this premise is you've logged on Jenkins.In my sample that used Http Request Plugin then got the 403 error.So that we need passing the user credential with the request. 1.Getting User API Token