VS2017-Build fail-FindDependenciesOfExternallyResolvedReferences

Recently, After installed the newest version of Visual Studio 2017 that occurred some of the following error messages:

Software Infomation:Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise 15.7.4  (The problem since 15.6.x)

I asked the help from forums the got temporary workaround as below:

Opening file: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2017\Enterprise\MSBuild\15.0\Bin\Microsoft.Common.CurrentVersion.targets
Finding the red block highlight at below photo then remove it from the file.

Jenkins-out of memory

Sometime, It will occur error while CI do a build job.As the following message.
jenkins java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
Before, when it occurred.I always thought that was the Java environment problem.Therefore my workaround is restart service.

Honestly, I am not understanding Jenkins enough, a little bit lazy myself and so not seriously to find the answer.

The default RAM setting is 256MB which can be found in the setup directory "jenkins.xml".As below image, I modify the value to 1024MB.


VS2017 Msbuild Framework Error

Issue After reinstalling my laptop, My web project that originally normal cannot be deployed.It shows errors Could not load file or assembly "Microsoft.Build.Framework".

Python Hello World

The first time to learn Python.According to tradition, let's try a "Hello World".

Default setup.Add Python path to environment..
After finished, The default folder as below. C:\Python34

ng-controller dynamic load

Basically, We use the ng-controller will declare as below.
Now, We have an issue is that the ng-controller need to be injected dynamically, So that we can use different controllers, e.g. ng-controller="vm.GetConroller() as vm" ps: This code snippet cannot be run.

SQL Wave Char

Today, My colleague asked me a question that Entity Framework will generate SQL and has ESCAPE '~' at the end of the SQL.

After the survey, some of the article that the only things we knew it is ESCAPE are used to query the data has  Universal characters.There are no articles about "~".Through some of the testing, we found it represented all of the Universal characters.Which means you may be used ESCAPE '%_[^' to query has the data include it then you can just use ESCAPE '~' to replace it. SELECT * FROM T WHERE Title LIKE 'foo%' ESCAPE '%_[]^' equal SELECT * FROM T WHERE Title LIKE 'foo%' ESCAPE '~'

Jenkins-Parameterized Build Sub-flow

Our CI Server has a set of jobs as below:

In the daily build job, Once "01-Web" being finished then will trigger "02-Database" and "03-WebTest"

Requirement After "01-Web", we want to control the other two jobs whether to be built. 01-Web --> 02-Database -->03-WebTest (default)01-Web --> 02-Database01-Web --> 03-WebTest01-Web