[Windows Container] Basic management commands

 At first, I just try run some of the commands about create, run, etc.But more important is how to management.This article will introduce the commands of the container which has running state how to manipulate.

show of the containers

 docker ps -a

-a: Including containers which have stopped.


Starting container which have stopped

docker start SQLTest

Stopping container 

docker stop SQLTest

Turn the container into an Image

 docker commit SQLTest  kim/sql-test:latest

*This command will keep current container state then turn into another image.

View of the images

 docker images

Exporting image to tar 

 docker save -o sql-test.tar kim/sql-test:latest

ps:output file location: C:\Users\Kim\sql-test.tar  The location is where the command executed is.

Deleting image

 docker rmi kim/sql-test

Import a tar file to images

 docker load -i sql-test.tar


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